Cold Breakfast

The Rosewood Continental
Assorted Fresh Baked Croissants, Muffins, Danish & Bagels
Preserves, Butter & Whipped Cream Cheese

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Hot Breakfast

Hot Breakfast

Rosewood Stuffed Egg
Broccoli, bacon and aged cheddar Asparagus, prosciutto and goat cheese Traditional western ham, onion and pepper

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Rosewood Dinner

The Soups
The options are endless and change with the season. Our Chef is constantly creating new soups.

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The Sandwiches
Named after John Montagu the fourth Earl of Sandwich (1718–92), sandwiches have come a long way; but, at Rosewood we take them a step further. Download PDF

The Salads

Whether it's traditional Mixed Greens, a Cobb Salad, or something we design around your personal tastes, a salad is always a lovely addition to any meal. For lunch or dinner, hot or cold we make them fun and interesting
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Hors d'oeuvre

For that fabulous cocktail party or intimate reception, Rosewood offers a selection of passed and stationed hors d'oeuvre to impress and inspire.

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Dinner by Design

Sample Menu:
Lobster Fondue
Blue Crab, Squash and Mushroom Bisque
With a homemade maple wonton in a butter

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Rosewood Dessert

Desserts should be decadent, and they should be special. It is all about personalization. From cakes to cookies to squares, and everything in-between. Let our

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Rosewood offers those great BBQ comfort foods we associate with the carefree times of the summer. And we didn't forget the kids – whether you have a barbeque with children or just for the kid in you.

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recipes & demos

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